[PRE-ORDER] ROYALTY vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette

[PRE-ORDER] ROYALTY vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette

We are excited to let you know that ROYALTY vol. 1 is now available for pre-order. Please note that due to high demand and limited supplies, the product will not ship for approximately three weeks. We appreciate your patience and look forward to providing you with a great product as soon as possible.

Looking for makeup that takes you Elsewear? Look no further than Elsewear Cosmetics! Our Royalty Vol. 1 eyeshadow palette is the perfect addition to your makeup collection, offering a luxurious experience fit for a queen or king.

At Elsewear Cosmetics, we believe that makeup should transport you to another world, allowing you to express your creativity and embrace your inner beauty. That's why we've curated the perfect combination of neutral tones, blues, and golds in our Royalty Vol. 1 palette, so you can explore new horizons and unleash your imagination.

Our buttery smooth formula allows you to effortlessly blend and build each shade, so you can create a multitude of captivating looks that leave you feeling like royalty. The impeccable color payoff of each shade will command attention and admiration from all who lay eyes on you.

So, whether you're off to conquer the day or embark on a magical adventure, our Royalty Vol. 1 palette is the perfect travel companion. Take your makeup Elsewear with Elsewear Cosmetics, and experience a world of beauty and magic. #IGotItElsewear

Ingredients: Ingredients: TALC, MICA, MINERAL OIL, KAOLIN, TITANIUM DIOXIDE, MAGNESIUM STEARATE, ISOPROPYL, PALMITATE BHT +/- Mica, Titanium Dioxide White,Black Oxide,Brown Oxide,Orange Oxide,Red Oxide Red Shade,Red Oxide Blue Shade,Yellow Oxide,Chromium Oxide Green,Hydrated Chromium Oxide Green,Reborn Murasaki Violet,Ultramarine Blue,Ultramarine Violet,Ultramarine Pink.]